Who We Are

Short Answer

We’re a board game that encourages critical thinking!

Long Answer

We believe that debate can help bring about enriching and thoughtful conversation that leads to greater understanding between individuals of very different standpoints. That’s why we created a board game that facilitates debate and gets you stretching your critical thinking skills!

Meet Our Founder

Our Founder, Andreea Borcea, participated in Speech & Debate in college and felt that the skills she learned during this time were indispensable. These skills helped build her communication skills and her ability to find common ground with others. Debate mentality seeped into all aspects of her life, even family vacations, when she would challenge her younger sisters to a civil and simple debate (they were respectively six and seven at the time). Andreea would never forget the impact that debate had on her life.

As she pondered the benefits of debate, she wondered how she can make this crucial skill accessible and fun for people everywhere, regardless of their training. Always the board game and puzzle lover, she conceived the game Dinner Table Debates with the idea that debate can occur in any context like, say, a dinner table!

Why Dinner Table Debates

Have you ever wanted to discuss something with someone but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever wished that some discussions followed a structure so that each person could get their point across with attentive listening and no interruptions from the other side? Have you ever wanted a space where you could discuss tough subjects with others and truly unpack a controversial issue? Then Dinner Table Debates is for you!

Dinner Table Debates is a family-friendly board game that brings debating to your dinner table. You don’t have to have a background in debate in order to play this game. All you need is a true desire to practice objectivity and appreciation for a good debate. Deconstructing an issue is a skill anyone can learn and is instrumental in any situation. The ability to understand the implications of an issue is beneficial in both professional and personal circumstances. It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get that first argument out of the way and realize YOU CAN DO THIS, you’ll feel a huge boost of energy and self-esteem! Careful, this game might just prove how smart you really are ;).

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