Who Are We

Who We Are Short Answer We’re a board game that encourages critical thinking! Long Answer We believe that debate can help bring about enriching and thoughtful conversation that leads to greater understanding between individuals of very different standpoints. That’s why we created a board game that facilitates debate and gets you stretching your critical thinking […]

Useful Terms

Useful Terms Vocabulary This vocabulary will help you put names and labels to phenomena and fallacies that you might find while debating. Having the terminology to name something will be helpful to make sense of things while you’re out there in the ring! Critical thinking– the systemic analysis of reasons to believe of disbelieve a […]

How do I Form a Solid Argument?

How do I form a Solid Argument? We’ll supply you with a secret weapon…the LEET acronym! This is a format you can follow that will help structure your argument. LEET stands for Label, Explain, Example, and Tieback. ‘Label’ states what the argument is and your stance. ‘Explain’ is a logical explanation as to why this […]

What is Debating?

What is Debating? We hope you are starting to get more and more comfortable with the idea of arguing because debate is a structured argument! Civil discourse is a tool used in debate. Implementing civil discourse in a debate means you are approaching the debate with an intention to understand and respect the other side. […]

What is Civil Discourse?

What is Civil Discourse? Civil discourse is a conversation meant to enhance understanding. Maintaining respect during civil discourse is key to its success! According to Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer, former Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, “Civility does not mean appeasement or avoiding important differences. It means listening and talking about those differences […]


Get Ready, Set… Debate! What?! Isn’t debate arguing? Isn’t that bad? Isn’t that something we want to avoid? Not always. In fact, allowing opportunities for civil discourse can expand our viewpoints, offer perspectives we weren’t aware of, and give us a more holistic understanding of a concept.  In our digitized world, we have become physically […]

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